La co-creació en la cultura digital a debat

Presentació de l’informe sobre el Projecte ‘Prácticas Creativas y participación en los nuevos medios’ (HAR2010-18982)

El proper dia 23 de febrer el grup de recerca mediaccions # Cultura Digital de l’IN3 ha organitzat un seminari on presentarà les conclusions del projecte ‘Prácticas Creativas y participación en los nuevos medios’ (HAR2010-18982).

L’acte tindrà lloc a la sala William J. Mitchell
Planta 7 de l’edifici Barcelona Growth Centre a les 10 h. La co-creació en la cultura digital a debat



At a moment when digital and material worlds are entangled in ever intensifying modes of knowledge production and sociality, the contemporary humanities and social sciences are called on to offer novel accounts of the implications of digital life and networked matter. Engaging with/in digital­material worlds implies an exploration across diverse theoretical­empirical fields of inquiry on the digital materiality of knowledge and how we make sense of a range of modes of emergence, intensities, relations, bodies and things within digital culture. ENGAGING WITH/IN DIGITAL-MATERIAL WORLDS

Creativity, participation and co-creation in new media


Gemma San Cornelio and Toni Roig were at the Creative Citizens Conference in London, presenting their work on co-creativity and participatory practices.  The conference was devoted to re-think public engagement in digital culture and to critically examine the “participatory”  turn in current cultural policies and the role of the university in re-defining audiences as  “creative citizens” that are not in a “vacuum” , but part of active communities.   Creativity, participation and co-creation in new media

The New Frontiers of Transmedia and Interactive Documentary

In parallel with DocsBarcelona, one of the most important documentary festivals in Europe, the research group on digital culture Mediaccions, IN3 together with Interdocs (the section of DocsBarcelona devoted to interactive documentary) and StoryCodeBCN (academic and professional think tank), are organizing a roundtable, counting on the presence of national and international experts, to discuss the social, cultural and industrial implications of transmedia and interactive documentary production. The New Frontiers of Transmedia and Interactive Documentary

Escalando la cuesta creativa…

O la búsqueda de una profesión imaginaria!

Con Guillaume Dumont

Centre de Recherche et d´Innovation sur le Sport, CRIS, UFR-STAPS, EA 647, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France.
Departamento de Antropología Social y Pensamiento Filosófico Español, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, España. Escalando la cuesta creativa…

Digital Culture: Some notes from the *Free Culture* field


Digital culture, like other “things” we do with bits, is at the core of our contemporary societies. Digital technologies are usually thought as the motor for innovation, economic development and social change, and the role of Social Sciences in this complex and dynamic panorama tends to be located in the analysis of the impact of these technologies in society. However, digital culture also is about doing things in a particular way: participation, co-creativity, sharing and remixing are some of the key elements that, rooted in p2p production and free software practices, are shaping contemporary cultural production. Digital Culture: Some notes from the *Free Culture* field

Media futures in EASA2014

Media futures: media anthropology of, for and through the notion of ‘future’

This panel examines the implications of a ‘futures turn’ and how might an anthropology of media (including design, content, materialities, spaces and practices) enable us to understand how futures are imagined, made, hoped for, contested and lived cross-culturally and in the present and recent past. Media futures in EASA2014

Innovation in Digital Culture Research

Innovation in Digital Culture Research is a set of interdisciplinary seminars and workshops that aims to explore innovative ethnographic and qualitative methodologies of social research in the field of culture, media and digital technologies and how creativity and innovation is embodied in research practices and objects of study related with digital culture and network society.

The seminars are open to researchers, scholars and students interested in actualizing and debating about creativity and innovation in ethnographic and qualitative fieldwork, and the interdisciplinary ways to approach the study of social change, development and technological innovation. Close-up workshops with our internationally recognised visiting scholars are designed to discuss in depth concrete aspects of ongoing researches brought out by the participants. Innovation in Digital Culture Research