Arts Santa Mònica y Mediaccions a través de Art Matters Lab llevan adelante una serie de conversaciones trimestrales entorno al arte, la ciencia, la tecnología y la sociedad. La tercera conversación la mantendremos con Rick Dolphijn y tendrá lugar el sábado 10 de octubre a las 10:00 en Arts Santa Mònica en el marco del congreso internacional Art & Speculative Futures.

The Crack of the Contemproary, Rick Dolphijn

The creative act, as an ideal, drives both art and philosophy and has a problematic relation to the social, political and economic realities that dominate the present. The creative act has no present itself since it can’t find a way of realising itself within these realities. Instead, it exists only in philosophy, while it only concludes to the artwork. Nevertheless, through art and philosophy, the creative act holds an immense power. Through art and philosophy, it matters immensely. It has the weight of the entire earth at its disposal, as a means to put these realities under pressure, cracking them where they are most vulnerable to the power of the earth. Through these cracks, the outside, the fresh air, the darkness of the earth seeps in. Through these cracks, the unforeseen, the unreal drenches the present, not so much ‘in’ the here and now, but as the perpetual and infinite undercurrent that haunts the present. It offers us a glimpse of the earth to come, as it briefly, instantly, intervenes and forces everything out of perspective. The creative act is thus what matters with the times, it presents us the contemporary. Releasing us from the present it forces us to think.


Rick Dolphijn is a writer and a philosopher. He teaches and does research at Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities. From 2017 to 2020 he will be Honorary Associate Professor at Hong Kong University (Hong Kong). He wrote Foodscapes, Towards a Deleuzian Ethics of Consumption (Eburon/University of Chicago Press 2004) and New Materialism: Interviews and Cartographies (Open Humanities Press 2012, with Iris van der Tuin). He has recently published This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life (edited by Rosi Braidotti, Brill/Rodopi 2014/5). He writes on the contemporary, on art, theory and politics. Currently he is finishing a new monograph entitled Surfaces: How Philosophy and Art Matter.

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