El miércoles 24 de Febrero presentamos el libro en Barcelona. Jo Tacchi directora en investigación e inovación del RMIT Europa y las editoras Sarah Pink, Elisenda Ardévol y Débora Lanzeni introducirán la temática e invitarán a la discusión a los autores asistentes y participantes. Esperamos poder compartir con vosotros este momento y celebrarlo colectivamente en el RMIT Europe.

digital materialities

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Digital Materialities; Design and Anthropology 
24 Febrer 7pm
RMIT Europe
Carrer de Minerva, 2
08006 Barcelona

(Metro Diagonal)

Next Wednesday 24 February the book will arrive at Barcelona.  The launch will be presented by short talks by Jo Tacchi, and the editors, Sarah Pink, Elisenda Ardévol and Débora Lanzeni. Please join us to meet the editors and authors, talk about the concepts and enjoy a moment together at RMIT Europe in Barcelona. Free access with registration. Just send an email to europe@rmit.edu.au

Digital Materialities presents twelve chapters by scholars and practitioners working at the intersection between design and digital research in the UK, Spain, Australia and the USA. By incorporating in-depth understandings of the digital-material world from both the social sciences and design, the book considers how this combined knowledge might advance our capacity to design for the future. Divided into three parts, the focus of the book moves from the theoretical to the practical: how different digital materialities are imagined and emerge, through software emulation, urban sensors and smart homes; how new digital designs are sparked through collaborations between social scientists and designers; and finally, how digital design emerges from the insider work of everyday designers.

“Lively, original, and wide-ranging, Digital Materialities provides a compelling framework for and provocation towards exploring the dense entanglements of design, the digital, and those complex collaborations of collective practice they catalyze and depend upon. A significant set of expeditions into fascinating, consequential, and newly emergent terrain.” –  Donald L. Brenneis, University of California Santa Cruz, USA,

“Digital and material have never been as separate as many people imagined them to be. Anthropology is now broaching this border, to grapple with more pertinent issues of change, design, and conceptualisation. The wait for a set of studies which gather Design, HCI, and Media Studies is over. Things will never be the same.” –  Adam Drazin, University College London, UK,

More info at: http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/digital-materialities-9781472592590/