Media are fundamental in the processes of social (re)production/subversion. Through making (in)visible different sex-gender configurations they play an important role as mediators of traditional sex-gender models but can also produce and disseminate other sex-gender models.  In this sense, it is interesting to focus on what media do but also on what media can do in order to favour gender justice and unbiased and plural gender re/presentations.

This workshop aims at reflecting on the presence/absence of gendered meanings in media -traditional and social media, film, etc.- in order to discuss how gender meanings are presented and vehicled and the extent to which gender stereotypes still prevail (and how). We want to focus particularly in the efforts (if any) to subvert stereotypical gender meanings through the exposition of ‘other’ gendered/gender neutral presentations in media. We would also like to reflect on the possibilities offered by media for surpassing gender binarism and enabling different re/presentations. Works dealing with gendered bodies and emotions are most welcome as well as works that address the social responsibility of media in relation to sex-gender categories, differences and inequalities.


This workshop is part of the International Conference on Humanities in Transition to be held in Barcelona between 23-26 of October.