Workshop for Design + Ethnography + Futures program (RMIT)

powered by Elisenda Ardèvol and Débora Lanzeni

Creative spaces driven by citizenship and institutions blossom all over the world. Urban labs, City labs, FabLabs, Hackerspaces, Makerspaces, co- workings, hubs and so on, are the new centers where people converge to think, create, make, experience, participate and share knowledge in the cities that they dwell.

This is a new setting where the dynamic of creation is much more intertwined with the social everyday life, thus unfolding non-traced innovation paths. A context in which, from relations in movement, emerge new qualities that are not defined so far.  These qualities could be envisioned as a place/space from where we think up open futures.

In this workshop we aim to connect, reshape and rehearse different ways to draw a space revolving to make togetherness, innovation and permanence. We will explore this through playful practices with yarn, wires and mental networks.  Because the lines are the trails along which life is lived and novelty occurs.