A visual essay on human impact on biodiversity

by Sandra Martorell, Elisenda Ardèvol & Gemma San Cornelio

Our work begins with the collection of waste on beaches with environmental activists. This waste, dumped into the sea, is returned and swallowed up again by the sea. Plastic bottles, cutlery, bags or condoms replace shells, crabs and other marine flora and fauna. We wanted to portray this new invasive plastic species that we find in our seas in a series of images made by means of the cyanotype photographic process, also known as blueprint. We took the collected waste to the photography laboratory and we created photograms through physical contact. It is an artistic, documentary and critical project that aims to inform, signify and reflect on the impact of human presence on the environment. This is all done by harnessing the potential of artistic expression to generate social bonds as well as to facilitate collective action and citizen agency