Negotiating the international audio-visual industry


We are looking for abstracts for an edited collection, provisionally
entitled /Mothers and Motherhood: Negotiating the international audio- 
visual industry. /This question of how women reconcile care-work with
formal work and qualitative insights into mothers’ experiences in the
audio -visual industry, is under-researched in international production
studies literature; something that this collection seeks to address.
Chapters will explore the gendered challenges facing mothers and the
attempts they make to address those challenges in order to sustain their
working lives.

Areas of inquiry could include, but are not limited to, maternity leave,
returning to work, the challenges of balancing motherhood with work at
various ages of child development, motherhood and industrial practices,
women who leave work because of care-work demands, the concealment of
maternal status in the workplace, the rejection of motherhood by women
who prioritize their careers, women who ‘missed’ motherhood for a
variety of reasons, motherhood as a barrier to career progression and
successful interventions by the industry to facilitate mothers.

It is anticipated that this book will make a valuable contribution to
international debates on equality, mothers and motherhood. It is
expected that it will facilitate scholars, students, activists, policy
makers and practitioners in understanding the impact of motherhood on
the engagement of women in the industry across the globe.

We have received a strong expression of interest from an international
publishers who is awaiting the submission of a full proposal.

Potential contributors should send us a detailed 300 word abstract and a
short bio by 28 June 2019. The estimated timeframe for the completed
first draft of approx. 6,000 words is November 30, 2019.

Please send abstracts and queries to:  Susan Liddy, Department Media and
Communication Studies, MIC.
<>or Anne O Brien Department of Media
Studies, Maynooth University. <>