We had a really intensive workshop, the second EASA Media Anthropology Network Workshop that we organized in Barcelona under the title Media Practices and Cultural Producers. It has been an stimulating meeting for discussing from very different approach (from sociology to anthropology, going through communication studies) issues on media practices. You can read all the abstracts of the workshop (see the program and the site of the event), and see the most part of the interventions that we broadcasted thanks to Daniel Bobadilla and Edgar Gómez on streaming (due to some problems, some of the presentations were not recorded, sorry to all those presenters whose intervention we missed). You can see some photos of the event in our Mediacciones Flickr account under the tag MediaPracticesBarcelona. Thanks to all the institutions that made possible the event: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, European Association of Social Anthropologist (EASA), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and EASA Media Anthropology Network.

Nick Couldry
Nick Couldry during his keynote.

// 6 November 2008

11.45 Wellcome to the participants, Elisenda Ardèvol (introduction’s video)
12.00 Keynote: Cultural producers in the field of digital technologies. Dorle Drackle (keynote’s video)

:: Visual practices, networking technologies ::

14.30 Body image in businesses, Ghislaine Chabert and Jacques Ibañez Bueno (presentation’s video)
15.00 Networking Indigenous Self-Representation + Colonizing Databases in Web 2.0, Towagh Berh (presentation’s video 1 and video 2)

:: New media, citizenship and globalization ::

16.00 Building Memories – A Study of Pop Venues in Hong Kong, Yiu Fai Chow (presentation’s video)
16.30 Local content and internet localisation in Brazil: conceptual framework and methodological implications,Tori Holmes (presentation’s video)

18.30 Keynote: New media, development and globalization: ‘communicative ecologies’ and social change, Don Slater

// 7 November 2008

:: Media practices and “the Media” ::

10.00 Mediating Political Action: Internet related Beliefs and Frustrations…,Veronica Barassi (presentation’s video)
10.30 Media activisms and contemporary media practices of digital documentary filmmaking in India, Giulia Battaglia (presentation’s video)
11.00 Producing ramadan melodrama series: the making of popular piety culture in Indonesia, Rianne Subijanto (presentation’s video 1 and 2)

12.30 Keynote: Theorising Media as Practice: some further reflections, Nick Couldry (keynote video1 and video 2) 

:: Mediated practices, mediated ethnographies ::

15.30 Young people and the cultural production of common culture around digital video
Roger Martínez et alt.
16.00 Mourning network: ethnography and new social practices in on-line communities, Alessandra Micalizzi
16.30 Fan Communities of the Brazilian Big Brother: An Ethnographic Research
Bruno Campanella

18.00 Keynote: From media response to mediated practices: The challenges to ethnographic methodology, Liz Bird (presentation’s videos: video 1, video 2 and video 3)

Enjoying Barcelona's night
Enjoying Barcelona’s night life.