We will participate in different AoiR conference panels in Copenhagen, but directly connected with the subject of the conference “Rethinking Communities, Rethinking Place”, we will be at the panel entitled “Beyond place: Using concepts and methods of Practice Theory to study mediated experience”. This panel explores how the concept of ‘place’ can be fruitfully understood by looking at practice. Using Practice Theory as a working foundation, each of the four panelists analyze this issue, beginning with two papers focusing on theoretical premises and followed by two papers that apply the lens to the teaching of Internet Studies and live blogging practices, respectively. Practice Theories shift our central lens from structure and texts to practice, to explore how different actors (humans and non‐humans) intertwine to generate identities, features and senses of place. Although the practice turn is not new, it becomes more relevant (and a useful research tool) as identities and social worlds are increasingly mediated, diffused, or multiplied. Acknowledging the re‐emerging importance of the concept of “place” in Internet research, this panel presents various concepts and methods for exploring place as an ad hoc or emergent process of ongoing dialogue among actors and their practices. By decentering structural elements of internet such as sites or platforms, we recenter the analytical lens on the processes and practices that interweave material objects, technological procedures, body responses, and discourse.