At a moment when digital and material worlds are entangled in ever intensifying modes of knowledge production and sociality, the contemporary humanities and social sciences are called on to offer novel accounts of the implications of digital life and networked matter. Engaging with/in digital­material worlds implies an exploration across diverse theoretical­empirical fields of inquiry on the digital materiality of knowledge and how we make sense of a range of modes of emergence, intensities, relations, bodies and things within digital culture.

This international symposium will provide a forum for researchers seeking to address the implications of the relationships, trajectories, and intersections between the digital and the material for contemporary social and cultural research. It will offer an offline and online space to examine and debate both the theoretical questions raised by the digital­material and the innovative methods that are being developed to engage with digital materiality, including ethnography. More specifically, the symposium will seek to generate a debate around the emergence of new digital­material relationships, the theoretical and methodological tools we might engage to understand this, the impact of a digital/material imagination on ethnographic practice, and the implications of this digital­material context for applied, policy or design­focused ethnographic practice.

The wider outcome of this symposium is to create a transnational hub linking researchers and students in Chile, Australia, Latin America and Europe. It will be a space to share current and future work, allowing participants to establish common ground and approaches; showcasing the ways in which digital and material interfaces are part of scholarship outside of the English speaking academic world and sharing the innovative ethnographic approaches that are emerging as part of and in order to research in the digital­material environments we inhabit.

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International Symposium
November 25 – 28, 2014

Convened by
Tomás Ariztía (Universidad Diego Portales CHILE)
Sarah Pink (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology AUSTRALIA)
Juan Francisco Salazar (University of Western Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Elisabeth Simbűrger (Universidad de Valparaíso CHILE)

Mediaccions participate with Elisenda Ardevol’s presentation Virtual Canibalism: explorations into the real in the Internet Era