This project aims to study and develop new methodologies to embrace the role given to the materials along the Art and Architecture histories from a new materialistic frame of thought. How can we generate tools to study artistic practices empirically? Through which tactics can we ensemble and narrate alternative temporalities in Art History?  In which ways the concept of “materialism” is articulate- if it is so- in contemporary artistic production and exhibitions labs and centers?

This project emphasizes that artistic practices are more than just cultural products, but active agents in the construction, transformation and maintenance of the social.

We carry on “Art, Arquitecture and New Materilities” together with the group Art, Arquitectura i Societat Digital (AASD, Universitat de Barcelona) and Arquitectures Genètiques (ESARQ –Universitat International de Catalunya)

Funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competividad-MINECO (Ref HAR2014-59261-C2-1-P)