PhD candidate in the Open University of Catalonia, focusing on science and technology studies – i.e. how techno-scientific production comes into being, just as if it was yet another cultural phenomenon, mind you! His academic background is based in communication studies and, later, in the interdisciplinary field of media technology, electronic arts and science. His MSc thesis was an experimental research into the fields of plant electrophysiology and ecopsychology, exploring the effect that “musical plants” can have on human affect.

He is currently studying do-it-yourself science or any new cases of the social reproduction of hacking within that same process of techno-scientific production. As a graduate in art-science, he feels comfortable sitting in such hybridized environments and often thinks by himself: Exactly how new are such practices, and what [or who] supplies such novelty in an era of makerspaces, hackerspaces, hacklabs, hacktivism, collaborative economy, peer-to-peer sharing, and any other “innovation for change” scenario?

In his current research, he is exploring the modulations of the concept of openness and its meaning in the biohacker communities, specifically, in the European context.