Expanding meaningful community participation in museums

Seminar by: Amalia G. Sabiescu
Visiting Researcher at Mediaccions

18 January 2018
Sala Gran -UOC
Avda. Tibidabo, 47

This talk looks at the potential of participatory media (particularly digital storytelling) for
enabling participatory engagements in museums for vulnerable communities – migrant
communities and minorities, or communities that are marginalised, underserved and seldom
partake in the arts and cultural life of the city. The aim is to shed light on methods and
approaches that are rewarding for engaging communities and enabling socio-cultural
expression, and on how these can be leveraged for opening up museums as sites of
participation and creative expression for these groups. The talk draws on theory on voice
and agency, and the critical review of seminal projects and initiatives that are often not put
into dialogue as they belong to different disciplinary areas of practice and research, shifting
towards either the museum or the community as fulcrum of creative and cultural practice.



Amalia G. Sabiescu is a communication scientist with an interdisciplinary research track at
the interface between information and communication technology (ICT), culture and
development studies. Her research explores the integration, use and impact of ICT in
cultural and creative practice, community contexts, and intersections with issues of citizen
voice, participation, and social inclusion. She works as a researcher in the Institute for Media
and Creative Industries at Loughborough University London.