Junior Researcher at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and member of mediaccions Digital Culture Research Group. She holds a PhD in Information & Knowledge Society. Bachelor in Anthropology and a DEA in Political Anthropology from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She taught in Methodology and Media Anthropology for 5 years in University of Buenos Aires and she was member of Media and Visual Anthropology Research Group in UBA and IDES (Institute of Economic and Social Development).  Debora has been research visitor at the Visual Anthropology Department, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and at Design Ethnography Future Program of Research, RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), Australia and currently she holds a fellowship in Information and Media Studies in Aarhus University, Denmark.

As Anthropologist also trained in filmmaking, she has been doing fieldwork among technological corporations in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, incorporating visual and digital anthropology. Her current research focuses upon understanding how digital technology and its processes of imagination, creation and production are being made in the context of Urban Labs and Companies.

She is currently focusing on developments at the interface of Smart City and Internet-of-things, the study of digital materiality, labor and moral order. She aims to collaborate in Design Anthropology and Anthropology of the Future. Her publication include “Digital visualities and materialities: paths for an anthropological walk” (2014); “Technology and visions of the future: imagination in the process of digital creation from an ethnographic approach” (2014) and “Smart Global Futures: designing affordable materialities for a better life” in Pink, Ardévol and Lanzeni, Digital Materiality: Anthropology and Design (2016).